We turn products into household staples; we turn events into global movements; we turn brands into coveted lifestyles.

About Us

About Our Group

SJ Media Group is a full-service agency dedicated to helping brands expand to new heights. We enjoy helping clients at all stages of the process of identifying, creating and growing their businesses. Our team possesses integrity, skill and dedication. We are able to fulfill all phases of client needs to achieve quality results. We have helped launch national non-profit agencies and brands, executed sold-out events, ghost written/edited best-selling novels and achieved media exposure for clients on top media outlets such as CBS, FOX, NBC and Radio One. We have worked with everyone from new business start ups to A-list celebrities. Our areas of speciality are luxury, lifestyle, travel, and conscious brands. Conscious businesses are those that have positive missions and serve their market in integrity. Our team invests 100% in the success of every client.

About Our Team Lead

Sarni Jaye received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the prestigious Medill School of Journalism and her master’s degree from the University of Houston where she graduated in the top 10% of graduates campuswide. She combined her media expertise with the desire to help people grow, entering a field where both skills are essential—PR and brand development. She has worked with brands featured on top media outlets such as Oprah and helped them to further expand their value, recognition and reach. Sarni loves helping clients identify their passions, develop those passions into compelling brands, and deliver those brands to the world.

Sarni is a miracle worker. She strategically aligned our event with heavy hitters in the literary industry and made us major players on social media by equipping us to develop an effective marketing plan. We can’t sing her praises enough. Thank you Sarni!
Sharon JenkinsFounderThe Author’s Networking Summit