Houston Author Tackles the Issue of Child Abuse and Unforgiveness in New Book


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HOUSTON, TX– AUGUST 26, 2015— Houston author and speaker, Charmette Jones, tackles the issues of child abuse, unforgiveness and an unrepentant heart in her new book, “My Heart and the Holy Spirit – Surrounded by Hell.” The fictional book takes a realistic look at the devastation that unfolds when the buried pain of a father’s abandonment leaves the main character, Anita, prey to a pastor who tries to sexually abuse her, and transforms her from victim to abuser. Inspired to write the book in response to a painful divorce that left her bitter, angry and questioning her own faith, Jones speaks through the characters in her eye-opening book to show the consequences of holding onto unforgiveness.

The Richmond, Texas native raises the curtain on the lives of the book’s main characters, Anita and her daughter Hope, and allows the reader to witness the choices each makes and the complications and consequences that ensue.

“My Heart and the Holy Spirit – Surrounded by Hell was written because as humans we don’t value our hearts. We allow pain to become our god and lead us down a pathway to destruction,” said Jones. “Pain infiltrates our hearts causing so many spiritual defects. We can’t see, we can’t hear, we become paralyzed, and we find ourselves enslaved to the very one that inflicted the pain on us. The enslavement comes when we allow unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and jealousy into our hearts.”

One reader describes the book as a phenomenal piece of literature full of controversy that shares a powerful message without being religious or “churchy.”

“I couldn’t put this book down! It is a book that will appeal to those who like suspense, drama, or inspiration. It transcends traditions and dismantles denominational dogma. It will shake you up and set you free from traditional thinking and will appeal to those who’ve never thought about reading a ‘spiritual’ or ‘inspirational’ book,” said Marilyn Thompson.

In no-holds-barred fashion, the author depicts the toll that unforgiveness and anger can have, validating countless studies that have shown the strong link between negative emotions and physical and mental health. Stanford Professor Fred Luskin, Ph.D, Director of the Forgiveness Project conducted a study of 150 participants who responded on the positive impact letting go of past hurts had on their physical and emotional well beings.

For Jones, writing the book not only gave her an opportunity to encourage readers to deal with unresolved pain in their lives, but also served as a catharsis from the pain of her own past. She hopes the book serves as both a cautionary tale and a call to action to others dealing with emotional wounds and hurts on the value of choosing the path to forgiveness. “Pain lies dormant for an appointed time, so it is important to deal with the pain and not let the pain deal with you,” said Jones.

Her 249-page book is a must-read and can be purchased at AmazonBarnes and Noble and can be downloaded on Apple iTunes and Google Play. For more information on the book and her upcoming stageplay, visit www.shamelesslysaved.com. For media inquiries or to book the author for speaking engagements, call media contact, Sarni Jaye at (757) 932-5446.


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