Houston Author Gives Women the Secret to Unlimited Pleasure and Power




What if the reality is that until you allow yourself to have what you want, you will continue to go around in circles like some lab-rat on a treadmill? Are you ready to get off the treadmill now? Are you ready to demonstrate behavior equal to your true intelligence as a “Being” having a human experience, or would you like to continue doing what humans do when they forget that they are “Beings” in human form? Are you ready to prove to yourself that whatever is inside of you is greater than whatever is outside of you? If you’re ready, and only if you’re ready, then please proceed forward.


HOUSTON – NOV. 17, 2015 – In the opening pages of his new book, Mind-Blowing InnerCourse: The 10 Requirements for Climaxing to Personal Greatness, author and life coach Berwick Mahdi, throws down the gauntlet to women as he invites them on a transcendental journey of discovery designed to awaken the passion, power and greatness within.

Co-Founder of the Ultimate Woman’s Project and a contemporary relationship specialist with more than 25 years of experience, Mahdi’s quest is to help liberate women to reach climatic heights in all areas of their life-mind, body and soul.

“Mind-blowing InnerCourse awakens the nature of the Source in women and men, inspiring them to allow their amazingness shine through without apology. It inspires women to give themselves permission to unleash the power of their authentic voices after years of suppression. It’s for the lioness in women that is ready to roar and the eagle in them that is ready to fly”, said Mahdi of his latest release.

Author of several transformative books, including The Art of Recycling: Thirteen Secrets to a Spiritual Culture and The Laws and Principles of Relationship Fitness, his latest book champions self discovery and empowerment as it challenges women to delve into their true selves and make a paradigm shift in how they embrace and manifest their inner power, purpose and pleasure.

In 23 thought-provoking chapters, the book calls women (and men who want to support the women in their lives) to remove the masks of self deception and crutches they have leaned on that diminish their power and presence in their own lives. Not only does the author sound a rallying cry to women to relinquish the guilt and shame that have become stumbling blocks on the path to awakening their true potential, he shares insightful tools to help women embark on a journey of transformation. Building on the cleverly crafted sexual metaphor conveyed in the book’s provocative title, Davenport goes on to share the keys for climaxing to personal greatness, including “Penetrate Your Pleasure,” “Give Into Your Ultimate,” and “Get Out of the Missionary Position.”

In the foreword, Best-Selling Author Kim Bady, describes the book as “groundbreaking” and invites readers to “take a deep breath, get ready for many aha moments, and accept the invitation to live at your highest point…to live in climax! “Mind-Blowing InnerCourse™ was recently released on Kindle at Amazon and is also available in PDF at www.moveyourstick.com. For more information or to book the author for speaking engagements or interviews, contact Berwick Mahdi at 281-832-3379 or email berwickdavenport@gmail.com.

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