Woman Owned and Operated Brand Changes Financial Futures for Houston Residents


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Houston Housewives of Finance Seeks to Educate, Empower Individuals and Families.


HOUSTON, May 2, 2016 – According to a recent survey of American families compiled by StatisticBrain.com, the average household carries a debt of $117,951. CNN Money reported that the typical middle class family is not prepared for financial shock and could only replace 21 days of income with readily accessible funds, and even the richest Americans can only access 52 days of emergency liquid assets. Women are in even more dire straits. Despite being employed at higher rates and beginning to outearn their partners, more than half of women report having no money left after paying bills, and less than half have a retirement account. A staggering 87 percent of the nation’s impoverished elderly are women. Three female financial gurus from Houston have joined forces to make a difference.

LaShonda Johnson, Toni Sanders and Catina Young make up the core trio of businesswomen known as the Houston Housewives of Finance (HHOF). They have charted a unique path in a society where Americans as a whole are not financially savvy, with minorities often falling farther behind. The idea for the business was birthed by co-founders Johnson and Sanders. Both were at a point where they’d worked hard for years, but due to lack of knowledge, had accrued a lot of liability with no assets. Each of the women charted her own path to financial freedom. Sanders, a successful entrepreneur and hairstylist saw her money going out just as fast as it came in, but she wanted to leave a legacy for her daughter. Young, an honorary member of HHOF and single mother to a special needs child, became emotionally drained from constantly battling financial challenges. The ladies learned how to manage money, build wealth and set clear goals, and made it their mission to help others learn learn financial strategies and tools just as they had done in their own lives.

“We had just met with woman after woman who didn’t understand finances and expected their significant other to do it. One client whose husband handled everything lost their life savings, over $1 million dollars, in a scam.” said Johnson, a licensed Certified Financial Educator. “We are used to seeing men in a suit and tie in financial services. The industry has only been relatable to those who have wealth. We entered the field as African American women to pave the way for all types of women. Everyone needs the education, but people want to get it in a way that’s relatable. We wanted to get people excited about learning about money in a fresh and fun way from people they can relate to.”

The trio provides education via their blog, magazine financial column, and Transamerica/World Financial Group, through which they are able to offer a range of industry leading plans. HHOF provides female financial specialists to support clients by providing services that include insurance, retirement, college planning, healthcare, estate and legacy planning, wealth transfer, budgeting, and debt elimination, among others. They also host regular events such as, “Financial Fundays,” “Margaritas & Money,” and workshops that tie financial acumen into all aspects of one’s lifestyle. HHOF has launched a Beaumont affiliate chapter and looks forward to further expansion nationwide.

About HHOF
Houston Housewives of Finance is able to provide services and solutions in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To help clients get started with a personalized plan to achieve financial independence and freedom, they offer a complimentary Personal Financial Strategy Session. For a comprehensive list of services, to schedule a consultation or book speaking engagements, connect on social media at INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK MEETUP.COM and visit www.houstonhousewivesoffinance.com

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