Tip Tuesday: $eek Sponsorships



Ask and ye shall receive. I had to put the dollar signs because today’s tip is about dollars and cents (aka sense). I see so many people with excellent ideas that NEVER happen because they aren’t sure how to connect those dreams with reality. In today’s world, that reality is often MONEY.

You need capital to launch ideas, whether it be through investors, loans, grants, donations, crowdfunding or whatever means. I have seen so many clients and friends try and scrape their own dollars together, and while commendable, it’s a slow road and it is not efficient or effective. Wealthy people don’t use their own money; they use other people’s. It is a give and take relationship, so contrary to popular belief you aren’t begging because both parties benefit.

One of the most viable and mutually beneficial ways to fund a vision is through sponsorships. If you have an idea, such as an event, create a sponsorship packet to send to businesses who may want to invest to have a presence at that event. Your letter and/or packet should tell them about the initiative, why it’s impactful, and most importantly why they should care = what their return will be from investing. Seek out businesses who are interested in connecting with your target market, and if you are a nonprofit reach out to those who have a community service based model as part of their corporate mission. Thanks to the sponsors who’ve contributed literally THOUSANDS of dollars over the years to help my clients and other visionaries manifest their dreams.

We had an amazing time creating this sponsorship packet for one such visionary, Jennise Beverly, for her new nonprofit Wandering to Wonderful that helps widows transition through the difficulty of loss of their other half and learn to find themselves again. Pictured are just a few sample pages.

To discuss your sponsorship needs don’t hesitate reach out; I’m happy to do a consult. Let’s fund your dreams!

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