Tip Tuesday: When Should You Hire a Publicist?



There are so many people who either aren’t sure if/when they should hire a publicist or who are wasting money when they aren’t ready for that step yet. So when should you hire a publicist? When you have a budget of course, but what’s most important is when you have a BRAND. 💥

You may have the idea, the talent or the vision, but until those are formed into a tangible foundation you shouldn’t be putting yourself out there. An ethical publicist will be honest and either give you feedback on your brand or refer you to a branding specialist, but others will just take your money and sell you a dream for a dollar. 💸

Publicists are able to work their magic when they have something solid to leverage: an event, a cause, a product, or a personal/company brand, for ex. We have seen a client’s social media likes spike 400% after a media placement and so many people have told stories of how their websites crashed within minutes from traffic after an appearance on Oprah. PR can be a game changer. You don’t want to waste valuable opportunities being unprepared.

Sometimes people are impatient and just want what they want, so if a publicist gets you quality exposure, and you still aren’t growing, it’s likely because the seed wasn’t planted from the get go and you’re watering barren soil. People who only had “15 minutes of fame” are perfect examples of this. A solid brand is like the foundation of a house — combined with PR it will help you build high and stand strong in whatever you do. 🏠

On the flipside, if you have a great brand or business but feel like you’re at a standstill or not getting the recognition you deserve then contact a publicist asap. If you’re unclear what a good brand is then follow for another ‪#‎TipTuesday‬ or contact us or a brand development specialist for a consult. Cheers to manifesting your dreams!🍸

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